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Wishaw Music & Guitar Tuition

Music Lessons in Wishaw

We offer instrument tuition for all ages and levels including Guitar(Acoustic & Electric), Bass Guitar, Piano, Violin and Mandolin. If you are serious about becoming the best that you can be then Play Music Now has what you are looking for. We also teach non-instrument specific music theory classes.

We provide a highly personalised tuition service to ensure you reach your goals in the shortest possible time. In both private and group formats you can be sure that week-on-week, you will become a better player. Our tutors draw from years of experience with 100’s of students making sure your musical goals are in safe hands.

Feel Great about your Playing!

What will you get when you study with Play Music Now?

  • FREE email support 24/7. If you need help with lesson materials or anything else then we provide unlimited support via email.
  • You will realize your goals and feel great about your playing.
  • You will have the opportunity to play with many other musicians regularly.
  • You will increase your appreciation of music and you will enjoy playing it more each day.
  • You will be amazed with your own results.


We encourage our students to play with other musicians and we provide a platform for them to do so. As well as making music you will also make friends and really experience what it is all about. Too often playing an instrument is a lonely experience spent in a bedroom with a pile of books. We are here to change that.

Our tutors are professionals who care deeply about music. This isn’t just our job, it is our life and we want to make sure that music gets the attention, respect, love and support that it deserves in our small corner of the world. If you will indulge us, we will do the rest.